Rescued Film

As reported in an earlier post, I was fortunate enough to find an old Kodak Duaflex II camera with an exposed roll of film.  I jumped at the chance to purchase the camera and was hoping I could rescue the film and process it.  I was not disappointed.


Kodak Duaflex II-7.jpg

I identified the film as an old roll of Kodak Verichrome Pan black and white negative film.  I had developed plenty of 120 black and white film but, never film this old.  I could not find any developing information on it.  There were developing times for Kodak D-76 and Microdol - X on the films label but, I use HC-110 as a developer and I was not sure on how and if the HC-110 would work.

Kodak Duaflex II-8.jpg

I turned to a resource that is readily available to everyone with an internet connection.  I posted on, formerly known as  This photography forum specializes in analog photography, all aspects of film photography.  Sure enough, within a few minutes a helpful member responded with a developing time of 8 minutes.  I used dilution B which is one part developer to 39 parts water.


Judging from the cars in the background, I estimate these photos to be from the late 50s to early 60s.  Whenever they were taken it looks like they had a great time at the beach!  I will always look for film to rescue in the future.  I hope I am as lucky to find something these images agian.